5 Things Every World-Changer Does that Guarantee Success

You want to make a difference, but what is stopping you? Is there ‘’checklist’’ you have to complete before you can ‘’change the world’’?

I had the privilege of working with world-changers in the past 4 years founding YES Network – The People Incubator. Their stories are some of great courage, struggles, resilience and determination—but they’re also stories of ordinary lives, people you walk by everyday, who go through moments you and I live.

Opposite to what you might think, many of the triumphs world-changers experience happens in midst of ordinary life, moments of failures and sufferings.

3This means you too can be world-changers. Unlike how the business world function, the formula of success in ‘’changing the world’’ is not about running into luck or knowing the right people.

It is a matter of action and what we choose to do with what we have witness or experience.

I used to think being a world-changer means to have an extraordinary fate handed down to them. But now learning that the path to make a difference isn’t hidden and exclusive. As a matter of fact, it’s a path many of us walks on without knowing.

First account from some these leaders, entrepreneurs, advocates and project initiator, I’ve discovered some key actions that help world-changers start on this path.

You will no longer worship those who have influence over the world, but rather you will become just like them.

Here are 5 Legendary things every world-changers do early in their life –

1. They Accept the Small Moments

In his book All Groan Up, author Paul Angone says, “It doesn’t have to be monumental to be worthy of my effort.”

These words confront how our society conditions us to only notice big moments, moments you can share and ‘’brag’’ to others about. As we think hard on what we can boast away, we miss out entirely a goldmine of our unique experience.

Treasure and live your best in the insignificant moments, so that you are ready to take on the big moments.

World-changers have the eyes to see through the reward from committing in small moments as well as fighting for the big ones. They don’t wait for the spotlight to shine on them and then start doing their best work.

Rather, they create there best work by striding through the small tasks with many of us deem unworthy of our time.

Remember, what you are doing may seem insignificant, task with intangible results that you cannot present to others. Yet, learn to treasure these small moments, for they are preparing to stride into the opportunity that will change everything.


2. They Push Back Against Scarcity

“I don’t have enough money.” “I don’t have enough time.”

Sound familiar? In a culture of scarcity, our excuses for not starting often reflect not having enough of something. Yet, oddly, people who use this language don’t wait till they have more than enough money and time to make a difference. Rather, they let the fear of scarcity drive them to never start at all.

World-changers, on the other hand, don’t wait till they have more than enough. As Brené Brown says in her book Daring Greatly, “The opposite of ‘never enough’ isn’t abundance … the opposite of scarcity is enough.”

World-changers start when they have just enough—enough time and enough money. This is the fuel that gets them started.

When we stop serving our insecurities, we can start serving the world.

Scarcity language fools us into never starting. So speak the language of “enough,” because more times than not, you already have all that it takes to do something meaningful.

3. They Introduce Perspective in Their Lives

Perspective means seeing things as they truly are. Society today puts across the myth that world-changers are hyper-focused on their cause during all hours of the day.

But the truth is that healthy world-changers feel comfortable enough to step back from the cause for a few hours and tuck their children into bed or watch TV with their spouse.

In other words, when we see things as they truly are, we see that a cause does not entirely depend on our efforts. Rather, it depends on God. This zoomed-out perspective helps the world-changer hold their efforts loosely—enough to give themselves the self-care they need to prosper.


4. They Settle Into Their Self-Worth

Many of us might start on noble endeavors as a way to prove ourselves to the world. But while a world-changer’s journey might start this way, it often doesn’t end this way.

Eventually, the world-changer has a moment where they realize the depth of their own worth. At some point, the world-changer realizes they are loved—whether by God or by others—and they don’t have to prove themselves. And it is this revelation that often gives way to their best contribution.

The truth is, when we stop serving our insecurities, we can start serving the world. Settle into the worth spoken to you from God, and let it manifest into something great.

5. They Have an Idea of What Their Mission Is

Today, it’s sexy to have a short, pithy mission statement for life. But often, people forget their mission statement as they wade through the routine of daily life. These mission statements end up doing nothing for them.

This is not to say we should all abandon mission statements. This is to say that a mission doesn’t have to be fully formulated in a catchy mission statement for a person to make a difference.

We are being called to serve in some way, big and small. We should be considering this question of calling, thinking about what our bigger role in life might be. But by no means does your mission have to be figured out by the time you reach 30. Society might portray world-changers as having their mission completely figured out, but in reality, most people learn what their mission through humble reflection and reviewing their journey of failure and success.

As you can see, these actions are nothing extraordinary—and that’s the point.

Society might make it seem like world-changers are wholly separate and unfathomable creatures, but they’re not. We too can be world-changers.

These actions are only the beginning — a way to start on the path of making a difference. The rest is up to you.