“ The world suffers a lot. Not because the voices of bad people. But the silence of most people. ”

“ Let us change the world, one story at a time. ”

~ Storyholic


Bobby C. Chan, hailing from Hong Kong, China, is a award winning Digital, Multimedia journalist, Filmmaker and social entrepreneur.

Establishing a number of start-up businesses and social enterprises since 2011, Bobby has chosen to invest his life to ignite ordinary people to walk on their extraordinary mission.

His recent journalistic stories and film works are being showcased on various International media and film festival, while he is currently the Director of Stratetgic Partnerships, APAC for Global Editors Network (GEN) world’s largest B2B Media Innovation Hub for Editors-in-Chief, Startups and Media Executives.

Right now, Bobby is thrilled to be a creative storyteller, who not only informs but also inspires.



Bobby, sometimes are known as the “Storypreneur” for his ability to stir up people’s heart with the stories he witnessed.

His passion lies deep at developing radical new responses for pressing social issues in Education, Business, Family, Women and Youth Empowerment.

Bobby’s previous partners and clients include – IDEO – world’s leading innovation consultancy, HSBC, Societe Generale Investment Bank, Dialogue in the Dark Global (DiD), University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jockey Club.

In his quiet time, He loves spending time appreciating, and sharing with his listeners the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Now, what’s your story?


無數次自我質問,Bobby決心竭盡其力讓每一個人看見他們不平凡的使命。他在2010年創辦了YES Network,通過對不同領域社會企業家的影響,關心教育改革,企業價值觀改善,以及家庭、婦女和青年的各種議題。YES Network的合作夥伴包括知名設計公司IDEO,香港上海匯豐銀行,香港賽馬會等。

Localilz Hong Kong 的記者, 曾被邀請往半島電視台工作Bobby 一直以來對於新聞充滿熱情和毅力。他亦創辦了StoryHolic,嘗試去收集並展示不平凡的故事,希望能令社會大眾有所啟發。

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